1. After an afternoon of rituals and food, a Maasai mother exits her hut to celebrate during an adoption ceremony at the Maji Moto Cultural Camp in Kenya. #nofilter

  2. Visited a primary school in Nairobi and spotted these three in a pool of natural light hollering down at kids in the street below. #nofilter

  3. Bon voyage little passport of mine. Ten years, 46 countries, and countless memories. We survived border crossings together, we got the black stamp of shame in Thailand together, you may or may not have seen the illicit shores of Cuba, you knew to stay quiet in my pocket when the transit police in Bosnia demanded I hand you over, and you stuck with me even after those harrowing 24 hours when I abandoned you on a picnic table in Airlie Beach, Australia. I may be upgrading you for a newer model, dear passport of mine, but it’s not for lack of love. (at United States Post Office)

  4. Loved this shot and remember capturing it. I looked back over my should as I hiked back toward the more touristy section of the lookouts at Table Mountain and spotted a woman taking a quiet moment of contemplation as she took in the sweeping views of Cape Town, South Africa. #latergram

  5. At busy market in Musanze, the women in the back are using giant mortars and pestles to pound herbs into a flavorful paste used in cooking. The country is a place of many seeming contradictions. The vibrant colors and rapid pace of business suffuse markets, and yet below the surface a practiced calm and laid back demeanor persists. (at Musanze Rural Rwanda)

  6. The air thinned as we climbed higher and the sun peaked from behind the clouds to reveal the tip of Mount Muhabura, an extinct volcano in Rwanda. #sopretty (at Volcanoes National Park)

  7. Storms rode in from the east with rains and spectacular lightning as the sun set over the lake with layers of misty mountains far onto the horizon. (at Lake Kivu, Rwanda)

  8. Street scenes from Africa. Walked to the edge of Lake Kivu and found fishermen drying their nets on the shore, women transporting fish in buckets in their head, and the streets were filled with the beautiful sounds of church goers raising their voice in song. (at Lake Kivu, Rwanda)

  9. Just processing photos from #CapeTown and love this shot of a skeptical little boy; he maintained this stoic expression throughout our interaction despite having asked for the photo.

  10. Baby African elephant=holy cuteness!!! #latergram (at Kenya)