1. Street scenes from Zanzibar: School’s out for the day and students in matching uniforms pour into the public spaces. (at Stone Town - Zanzibar, Africa)

  2. Local teens and kids take to the water each day at sundown for hours of fun as they catapult off the wall in elaborate flips and twists, climb back up, and repeat again. (at Zanzibar island)

  3. A beautiful mist clung to the valley below during a cloudy pink sunrise in Tanzania. (at Lake Manyara National Park)

  4. Maybe I’d pick a place and stay if I had a cheerful door like this one in #CapeTown to come home to. :) (at Bo-kaap)

  5. Awash in late afternoon sunlight, the colorful Bo-Kaap area of Cape Town is a fusion of Indian and Malay influences. I bought a mango lassi and wandered the streets until a local warned me it was time to walk back to my hotel before the sun fully set. (at Cape Town)

  6. Constantly amazed by the views here: Table Mountain in Cape Town, South Africa. (at Table Mountain National Park)

  7. Sunset at Cape Agulhas. :) (at Southern Most Point Of Africa)

  8. South African road trip is well under way. We’ve driven about 15 hours south from Johannesburg and the landscape alternates between endless flatlands and the sudden appearance of mountains. And it’s vast. And mostly unpopulated, which was unexpected. Next up is the coastline down to Cape Town!

  9. Visited the Namibian side of Vic Falls today. From a distance the mist was light an just a bit cool as we walked the border between the two countries. #gorgeous. (at Victoria Falls)

  10. I can count on my fingers the number of times I have seen falling snow. Today is one of them and it is magical. :) (at New York City)